Zeph Drach

A fucking idiot, I mean politician


He has greasy black hair and a shit-eating grin. He is handsome but something makes him seem smarmy, which makes you want to punch him in the face. He’s charismatic, but not enough to make people actually believe what he is saying.


Zeph is a fucking idiot. He’s been the mayor of the city for almost a decade, and he is sort of charismatic but people usually can see through his bullshit. No one really knows how he got elected because he was not the favorite. Basically it was a three way race and the votes were split between the to popular candidates, making Zeph win. Most people attribute his win to his connection to Kaiser. Yet, although the police force is rather corrupt, and the rich are getting richer, the city is prosperous and food is not very hard to come by, so people are fairly content. Recently however there have been cases of civil disobedience and people are starting to feel unsettled.

Zeph Drach

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